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Hajra Maison

If you are wanting to buy any but not limited to crypto only, but also e-currencies or fiat world currencies, go for Change23. I found them highly reliable, fast and trustable in terms of dealing with their customers. Quite a while back I was muddled between a few options in exchanges to choose from, but I took a decision and tried them; they didn't let me down. This is my 3rd year that I have been using them I think. I never regretted over my decision. Hats Off to team Change23!!


Change23 is an awesome service and great admin. So much user-friendly client area they have, I am able to track the details of my payments in just one click. Should there be any need of buying anything in bulk, I have never found them going out of their reserves; they are always 100% full of every single currency enlisted on their website. The staff they have is so much helpful that assists you in every possible way they can. I will certainly use them again when or if I get some more Bitcoins to Exchange.

Zoe Rosencrans

I used Change23 service for the very first time; and they did their job very well. I suggest them to all those people who sell or buy either crypto, e-currencies or fiat . currencies. Most importantly, they have always been fair and trustable in dealing with their customers. Really happy to use them. A true exchange partner. Highly recommendable!

Johann Hari

Its been almost an year and never found a single problem in their service, whereas, I have tried many other exchanges and found low reserves on every other currency. But Change23 transactions are always in time and very always available. I almost missed my hosting provider payments but you as always, you save me. Highly recommended, A+++